So many opportunities for all tastes

The sea

Dog beach

You can find dog beaches for both Marina di Castagneto Carducci and Marina di Bibbona.

Amusement parks

The amusement parks Cavallino Matto just 10 minutes away and Bibbolandia just 5 minutes away

The territory of Bolgheri and Castagneto Carducci

A strip of protected land, of artwork, of genuine products and of good food, of antique flavors, of hospitality and tradition. An antique and immense forest of holms, oak trees and chestnut trees, cover the area; centuries of hard work, patience and consistency, have transformed the dense maze into an extraordinary town of trees and meticulously groomed fields, a direct representation of the refined culture of the land.

The town that lies within the Castagneto Carducci area and the surrounding areas has changed over time with the demand for the vines and the wine it produces, assuming beautiful and extraordinary characteristics. A land with beautiful hills that create luminous panoramic views, with many different colors that change with the vegetation from straw yellow to green to blue. A town that cultivates grapes occupying a large surface area starting from the rolling hills and reaching the sea. A varied morphology in which Castagneto Carducci is proud, a combination of tourism and winemaking. Merit is also given to the beauty of its towns.

The Castagneto country side has provided and continues to provide charm to those who visit it and those who live here. A countless amount of people enjoy documented articles, descriptions, poems and books written since the beginning of our millennium that give praise for its sweetness, the balance between nature and the development of the territory, which shows a human dimension.

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